March 01, 2012

Reforms 2020

Last 20 Years, Next 20 Years...........

Contemporary India is a Product of the Economic Reforms That Began 20 Years ago, in 1991. In These two Decades, India has been transformed. Everything about us has changed : the way we Live,the way we work, the way we govern ourselves. 
The new sets of Choices and Challenges that we face today have also emerged from the churn of the reforms.
In this Complication of a Five - part series, finest thinkers and analysts narrate India's 20-year-long growth story and construct a vision for the 20 years to come. 
The book brings together Characters, plots, themes and voices that went into the making of what is now famously known as the "India Story". Reforms 2020 is a rare biography of a resurgent India.   

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