June 07, 2011

Habit of Reading Books

Books are treasures of knowledge.The heaped of wisdom of the ages,lies, peacefully in a book, and it can be ours if we have the will to pick it up.
It is always to be remember that a book can bring sea change to th person reading it.
There are four kinds of readers The first is Like the hour-glass, and their reading being as the sand, it runs and runs out and leaves not a mark behind.
Second one is like a sponge, which absorbes everything,and returns it in nearly the same state,
only a little director .
Third one is like a jelly bag allowing all that is pure to pass away. And the Fourth is Like this Slave. Like a readers, books are of many kinds , some books are to be tasted, other to be swallowed, some few to be chewed and digested.
Reading makes a full man, means not just to study the useful books for the sake of learning, but to explore each and every book come across. THE HABIT OF READING IS A SIGN OF CULTURE. IT IS A GREAT SOURCE OF ENJOYMENT AND THE BEST MEANS OF UTILIZING TIME.
Every book that a person reads leaves a deep impression on him.
After tiresome day, their is nothing more welcome than to get lost for some time in the dreamland books where the master story letters of the world wait to take you away from your worries to their own magic
world, we have spend some of the best hours of our life together in books and should always be thankful for the pleasure and knowledge they have given us.

                                                                                  Chronic Vicinity - June 2011

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