June 27, 2011

Up Coming Books

The Secret Of The Nagas by Amish Tripathi

The Sequal to the #1 national bestseller...........

The Story of Shiva, the Simple Man....
Whose Karma Recast Him as Our Mahadev,
The God of Gods......... 

River of Smoke - A Novel (Ibis Trilogy) by Amitav Ghosh
 On the grand scale of an historical epic, River of Smoke book two in Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis trilogy follows its storm-tossed characters to the crowded harbours of China. There, despite efforts of the emperor to stop them, ships from Europe and India exchange their cargoes of opium for boxes of tea, silk, porcelain and silver. Among them are Bahram Modi, a wealthy Bombay merchant, his estranged half-Chinese son Ah Fatt, the orphaned amateur botanist Paulette and a motley collection of others in pursuit of romance, riches and a legendary rare flower. All struggle to cope with their losses—and, for some, unimaginable freedoms—in the alleys and crowded waterways of nineteenth-century Canton.

Last Man In Tower - Aravind Adiga
Terrific first novel WHITE TIGER deservedly won the Man Booker Prize. This one is even better. The whole of Mumbai comes under his microscope in the tale of a middle-class apartment block in a slummy area—and what happens when a property tycoon bribes the various inhabitants to leave. The result is as well-paced as any crime story, but so much more. Every one of the huge cast of characters is brilliantly drawn

Coming Coming Coming Coming Sooooooooon

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