November 19, 2012

Vince Flynn - The Last Man

The Number ONE  Bestseller    VInce Flynn...........

Ths Last Man ........ A Hero Can't Always Be Good

Mitch Rapp Has a Race To Win... and  He doesn't care How He Does it ....

An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing, and with him, secrets that in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. The only question is: Can Mitch Rapp find him first?
Joe Rickman, head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan, has been kidnapped and his four bodyguards executed in cold blood. But Mitch Rapp’s experience and nose for the truth make him wonder if something even more sinister isn’t afoot. Irene Kennedy, director of the CIA, has dispatched him to Afghanistan to find Rickman at all costs. 

Rapp, however, isn’t the only one looking for Rickman. The FBI is too, and it quickly becomes apparent that they’re less concerned with finding Rickman than placing the blame on Rapp.
With CIA operations in crisis, Rapp must be as ruthless and deceitful as his enemies if he has any hope of finding Rickman and completing his mission. But with elements within his own government working against both him and American interests, will Rapp be stopped dead before he can succeed
he can succeed?

The Puls Pounding New Thriller From The International  Phenomenon Guaranteed Entertainment For  Fans of Lee Child  And  James Patterson................

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